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Manzo’d With Children fans are digging Lauren’s snatchelor party

Lauren Manzo has a bit of a reputation for being a bridezilla, but she still knows how to let loose from time to time as evidenced by tonight’s episode of Manzo’d With Children. Her brothers were kind enough to plan a snatchelor party for her, and fans thought this was a great idea!

The stereotypical bachelorette party features a dance floor, plenty of booze, and of course, the bride-to-be’s girlfriends. It does not include attending a show with mom or gambling with brothers, which were elements of Lauren’s pre-wedding festivities. She didn’t exactly have a typical bachelorette party, but then again, Lauren has never been a typical woman.

Lauren Manzo
Image: Bravo

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Lauren kicked off her bachelorette festivities by going out on the town with Caroline Manzo. She couldn’t imagine the idea of having a bachelorette party without her mom, who just so happens to be her best bud. Caroline clearly appreciated the invite, although she admitted that it was the Manzo way to incorporate close family members into every significant event.

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Although Lauren enjoyed hanging out with her mom at her official bachelorette party, she had way more fun when she joined her brothers for what they referred to as a snatchelor party. This special shindig began with Chris and Albie grabbing a half-awake and very hungover Lauren and taking her away to the casino. They figured that, since Lauren had always been one of the guys, it was only fitting that she enjoy an outing with her two favorite dudes. The other goal of the event was to avoid the “woo!” of a stereotypical girls-only outing. Clearly, these guys would not enjoy an outing with Vicki Gunvalson.

Snatchelor party
Image: Bravo

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Unfortunately for Chris and Albie, their biggest nightmare (other than, of course, Vicki “woo-hooing” her way into a Manzo party) was realized when Vito showed up. However, they were eventually able to concede that whatever made Lauren happy would make them happy — and Lauren was clearly overjoyed when she spotted the love of her life.

Initially unsure what to make of Lauren’s snatchelor party, fans eventually warmed up to the idea. Many expressed their enthusiasm on Twitter, commending Chris and Albie for going out of their way to make their sister feel special before her big day:

It was nice to see Lauren let go of her bridezilla tendencies and relax during tonight’s episode of Manzo’d With Children. And it was even nicer to see Albie and Chris doing something so thoughtful for their sister.

What did you think of Lauren Manzo’s snatchelor party? Comment and share your opinion below.

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