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Don’t Be Tardy: Kim Zolciak impresses fans with empowering speech

Kim Zolciak currently enjoys a life of luxury, but she was not always a popular reality star married to a professional athlete. As a young mom, the Don’t Be Tardy star had a hard time providing for her kids. She recently inspired fans of her RHOA spin-off by giving a heartfelt speech about the struggles she’s faced and how she’s tackled adversity head-on.

People constantly criticize Zolciak for spoiling her kids, but many forget that, for the first years of their lives, Brielle and Ariana Biermann were anything but spoiled. At one point, the girls and their mom were truly struggling to get by. Fans were reminded of these difficult days during tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, when Zolciak showed a different side of herself and shared a very empowering message.

Kim Zolciak's speech
Image: Bravo

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A few of the show’s fans were initially a bit skeptical about Zolciak’s decision to speak at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo — without note cards! Zolciak has attended numerous Q&A sessions, but answering questions from hardcore fans is a lot different than standing on stage and talking for half an hour or more. Zolciak figured that winging it was more her style than writing an outline and detailed notes for her speech.

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Turns out, Zolciak made the right choice. Note cards would have proven hopelessly distracting for the reality star, but without them, she was able to create a special connection with the audience. The reality star decided to talk about her experiences as a young mom, when she was not nearly as financially secure as she is today. She admitted that, when her daughters were young, she was on Medicaid. She found it very difficult to leave her kids behind every day, but she did so anyway, because she wanted to provide a better life for them.

Kim nervous about speech
Image: Bravo

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Fans greatly approved of Zolciak’s speech, which they felt showed a softer side of the often sarcastic and crude reality star. She received quite a bit of praise on Twitter, especially when she mentioned how much it pained her to leave her daughters behind so that she could make a living. Working moms everywhere certainly can relate to this common struggle. The following are just a few of the positive tweets about Zolciak’s appearance at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo:

She’s by no means a perfect mom, but during her speech, Zolciak made it obvious that she really does love her daughters. It was nice to see the reality star letting her guard down; hopefully, she will continue to open up in future episodes of Don’t Be Tardy.

What did you think of Kim Zolciak’s speech? Was ditching the note cards a good idea? Comment and share your opinion below.

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