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Sister Wives fans want Christine to kick Kody to the curb

When Christine and Kody head to Galveston for an anniversary vacation, things don’t go so well, and fans of Sister Wives have had enough.

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Although Sister Wives’ fifth season is still young, fans on Twitter are already unhappy with the concentrated emphasis on Robyn and Kody to the exclusion of Meri, Christine and Janelle. This week, though, the show switched gears (somewhat). While Robyn’s adoption storyline was still discussed, the main drama was around Christine and Kody’s anniversary trip to Texas. Even the destination raised suspicion and annoyance on Twitter.

It got worse. First, Kody’s anniversary gift to Christine was a new marriage counselor, who joined them on vacation to help them work on their issues. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

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When Christine told Kody that she felt as though he catered to Robyn, he replied that if Christine “honored” the entire family and didn’t expect to receive 100 percent of Kody’s attention, he’d show her more love and affection. As if everything before this (years before this) wasn’t enough for Twitter to take, this was too much — they’d had it with Kody’s narcissism and his unwillingness to listen to Christine as well as Janelle and Meri.

Christine joked this week that her marriage of 20 years might be in trouble, but after watching the episode, it seems like her “joke” is likely covering up a lot of pain and frustration. Is it all because of Robyn? We have the rest of the season to find out what happens, but right now, it’s not looking great for communication between Christine and Kody.

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Image: TLC

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How did you feel about Christine and Kody’s anniversary trip? Is there hope for their future? Do you think they can repair their relationship, or should Christine hit the road?

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