Once Upon a Time premiere: 7 differences between good and bad Emma

Sep 27, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. ET
Image: ABC/Tyler Shields

The Once Upon a Time Season 5 premiere was filled with twists, turns, cleverness and, of course, Emma Swan going dark. Ever since the Season 4 finale, fans have been impatiently waiting to see Emma after she succumbed to the Darkness and transformed into the Dark One, aka Dark Swan. Well, Dark Emma is here to stay — for now, at least.

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At the end of the episode, Emma officially unveiled herself as the Dark One and proved there are many differences between good and bad Emma. The moment the former Savior uttered, "Because I am the Dark One," viewers saw that she isn't going to be the same Emma they've watched for the past four seasons. Apparently, she has embraced the Darkness and is going to use it to her advantage, no matter who gets in her way.

I, for one, am looking forward to even more Dark Emma. There's no doubt Jennifer Morrison continues to be a force and is embracing her new character wholeheartedly. With that said, let's take a look at good Emma and bad Emma's differences.


1. Her loyalty

Obviously, good Emma is loyal to her loved ones, including Charming, Snow, Hook and Henry. However, now based on the premiere's ending, it seems bad Emma is only remaining loyal to herself, especially since she is now in control of the dagger.

2. Her wardrobe

Forget that red leather jacket (anyone else appreciate Sneezy sporting good Emma's former piece of apparel?), because bad Emma is going full Darkness with an all-black attire, snow-white hair and red lips. Yeah, she totally rocks it, too.

3. Her mission

What is bad Emma's mission now? Unlike good Emma, who was all about being the Savior, Dark Emma is no Savior who would do whatever it takes to prevent Storybrooke and those she cares about most from any type of harm. As Season 5 progresses, I'm curious to see Dark Emma's mission and whether her family and friends can save her from the Darkness.

4. Her magic

Good Emma possesses some powerful magic, which fans have only recently watched her put to use. Now that she is the Dark One, will Emma's original powers become even stronger and different? As shown throughout the premiere, she definitely has new magical skills as the Dark One and she isn't afraid to use them, especially when it comes to turning people into stone.

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5. Her personality

Bad Emma is dark (obviously), doesn't smile, has a dry sense of humor and isn't the bright person she once was. The Dark Swan has a villainous personality and I'm loving every minute of it, mainly because I enjoy watching Morrison fully embracing Dark Emma 100 percent.

6. Her actions

Let's face it: Dark Emma is kind of a badass, even though she is a so-called villain. Throughout the premiere, Emma almost crushed Merida's heart, turned Sneezy into stone and is seemingly getting revenge on her loved ones. Yeah, her actions are nothing like good Emma.

7. Her destiny

Seeing as she is the Dark One, does this change Emma's destiny, whatever that might have once entailed? Has this always been her life's mission, to become the Dark Swan? Is her life's path and her fate now forever changed? Whatever the case, now that she possesses the Darkness, Emma's destiny appears to be quite different than Emma as the Savior.

Despite all of these differences and the hope that good Emma will return soon enough, OUAT fans are enjoying Morrison's dark side.


Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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