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Anna Duggar’s family steps in for a Josh Duggar intervention

Well, this is a welcome surprise.

In the ongoing saga that has become the Josh and Anna Duggar marriage, we are now reading reports that Anna’s family is planning on staging an “intervention” with the recently embattled mother to talk her into leaving her husband for good.

While Josh has been away at a rehab facility, Anna took the couple’s children to her family’s home in Florida. According to Hollywood Life, her family is now planning on stepping in to see if they can talk the devout and strictly conservative woman into divorcing her husband.

While Anna has previously vowed to stand by her man “through thick and thin,” a source close to the family said her brother, Daniel Keller, is hoping to change her mind.

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The source said, “Daniel is leading the charge to get Anna out of her dysfunctional marriage and away from her cheating husband. He has rallied a couple of their sisters and brothers to take this opportunity to talk some sense into Anna.”

This is even more surprising given previous reports that Anna comes from an even more staunchly conservative family who, one might believe, would never advocate ending a marriage, even under such extreme circumstances as infidelity and child molestation.

But the source continues, “They know when she’s at home, surrounded by the Duggars and their friends, Anna will never listen to them. But Daniel and the others are hoping that getting her away from the Duggar clan will help. They want to stage a family meeting or divorce intervention and really tell Anna how they feel.”

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This comes as a breath of fresh air to those of us who, sitting on the outside looking in, feel like Anna might feel trapped and unable to get out from under the weight of the Duggar world.

I’m not saying Anna should definitely leave her husband. That is a private and personal decision she needs to make based on what is best for her and her children. But it can’t be a bad thing to get away and get a fresh perspective or even another point of view from people you know also love and care for you, right?

It is a sincere hope that Anna is able to stand on her own two feet and make up her own mind, rather than have her mind made up for her, no matter whether she ultimately decides to stay or go.

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