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Bring It‘s finale proves why Crystianna deserves to be captain

Should Coach D have given Camryn a leadership role? According to the very disappointed fans of Bring It, the answer to that question is a definite no. Most of the show’s fans believe that Crystianna was far more deserving of that particular honor.

Coach Dianna sometimes makes bad decisions, and when she does, her critics aren’t afraid to call her out! Legions of upset Bring It fans believe she made the wrong choice during tonight’s episode, when the usual three gals duked it out for the esteemed captain position. Now, viewers will have to wait to see whether this decision has negative repercussions in the future.

Crystianna captain
Image: Lifetime

Camryn and Crystianna were the two dancers who seemed most likely to take over as captain. Makalah was also in the running for the position, but few people even considered the possibility of her winning the coveted spot. Most fans assumed that Camryn would ultimately win, but the majority also seemed to be in favor of Crystianna as captain.

Crystianna as captain
Image: Lifetime

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Although Camryn is a very talented dancer, she just isn’t as spunky as Crystianna. A big personality is needed for success in the world of majorette dancing, but Camryn isn’t quite able to deliver. Crystianna, on the other hand, lights up the stage (or rather, the gym floor) whenever she performs. She offers an excellent combination of stage presence and technical skill. Twitter users love Crystianna’s sass, with some claiming that spunk alone makes her the better choice for captain: 

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Dance ability isn’t the only quality that should go into determining who gets to be captain; according to several disappointed Twitter users, Crystianna also comes out ahead in terms of emotional maturity. Camryn is a nice girl, but she gets frustrated a bit too easily, as these Crystianna fans were quick to point out:

A few of Crystianna’s fans have gone so far as to claim that Coach Dianna’s relationship with Mimi influenced her final decision. This is certainly not the first time Coach D has been accused of playing favorites, nor will it be the last. Hopefully, for the sake of the Dancing Dolls, the coach made the decision based on who she truly thought would do the best job as captain.

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Do you think Coach Dianna made the right choice? Or should Crystianna have been captain and not Camryn? Comment and share your opinion below.

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