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Teen Mom‘s Leah Messer is reportedly keeping a big secret from the cameras

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 wrapped a lot of things up and answered a lot of questions.

But when it came to Teen Mom Leah Messer, it was the absence of a new major player in her life that left more questions than answers. We got to see a joyful return from rehab with Messer embracing her three daughters, communing with friends and family, but someone was noticeably missing: her new man.

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Just weeks post-rehab, Messer reportedly was house hunting for a new place away from ex Jeremy Calvert. We see a a new pad in the season finale, but what we didn’t see was T.R. Dues.

He never made even the slightest cameo. His face was never seen, and his name was never even mentioned.

According to Radar Online, the reality TV star began dating Dues, a 34-year-old local West Virginian personal trainer, in the spring, just before Messer entered a rehabilitation facility for anxiety and depression (although it was also widely rumored that she was actually in rehab for a prescription painkiller addition).

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To make Dues’s absence even more confusing, the tabloid website reported just two months ago that Messer was doing this house hunting with Dues and even moved in with him. Dues and Messer are reportedly living in a “big new home.” So, for him to not be part of any kind of welcome-home reception is just plain strange.

Dues is also a parent. He is a father to two young sons.

So, why was he left completely out of the coming-home festivities? Was it to appease and placate Messer’s ex, Calvert? Or was it an MTV decision to leave Dues out of the episode? Not even being mentioned leaves it more open to interpretation as intentional on Messer’s part, but we are still left with so many questions.

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