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Kim Kardashian critics take things too far by comparing her to a cow (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post is getting some seriously harsh feedback from fans and critics alike.

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Kardashian took to Instagram on Thursday to post a series of photos from a shoot she did a year ago with photographer Juergen Teller for System Magazine, and while she may be impressed with the outcome of the shoot, there is one picture — where she is standing and looking out onto the fields — that has caused critics to make an unusual comparison: They think she looks like a cow.

Just because there are fields in the foreground is not enough reason to suggest that the reality TV star looks like a farmyard animal, but that hasn’t stopped an overwhelming amount of commenters from making that deduction.

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“What animal is this?”, user _suckerpunchh wrote.

“Heffer,” another comment reads. Other users seemed to agree, with comments including, “Looks like a cow .lol,” “lol she looks terrible!”, “Moo,” “Putting the cow out to pasture,” and “isnt [sic] she like a cow looking out to graze greener fields?”

Comments on the picture also include many cow emoji.

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Critics also think it’s hilarious that Kardashian is in the field wearing a bodysuit and high heel shoes: “casual day at the farm. What an idiot……” one commenter shared. “Wait, why is she in a field, in stockings and a body suit?! #KeepinItClassy,” adelhierro24 wrote.

Yikes. Tell us what you think of this criticism in the comments below.

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