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Project Runway fans are furious because judges made wrong decision

When contestants Laurie and Lindsey flounder in a challenge to make garments inspired by the musical Finding Neverland, the elimination is emotional and Twitter fans are divided.

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Lindsey is out
Image: Lifetime

Lindsey’s had a tough couple of weeks. She’s been in the bottom and, as tends to happen when a contestant is in the bottom more than once, her confidence faltered. It’s not clear what inspired her look, and although Tim did tell her in the workroom that she was on the right track, she was eliminated after the judges said her green dress was boring. Laurie, on the other hand, had a specific motivation — Tinker Bell — and her model was spilling out of her three-piece outfit, which judge Zac Posen referred to as messy. Although it was Lindsey who was sent home, Twitter was torn about whether or not it was the right decision.

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There were those who had never been impressed by Lindsey’s work and were glad to see her go.

lindsey's green dress
Image: Lifetime

But there was also the crew who thought that in spite of Lindsey’s less-than-stellar record on the show, Laurie’s revealing look was unforgivable and she deserved to go home instead.

Regardless of the Twitter controversy, Laurie survived and is one step closer to Fashion Week. Still at stake also is the Tim Gunn save, which folks on Twitter speculate will only be used if Ashley or Edmond is eliminated. Will he surprise us, though? Stay tuned.

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Do you think Laurie should have gone home instead of Lindsey? Do you think Tim should have used his save for Lindsey? Which looks were your favorites this week?

Project Runway Fashion Week slideshow

Image: Malike Sidibe/SheKnows

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