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Dove Cameron attacked for makeup-free selfie (PHOTO)

Disney star Dove Cameron clearly doesn’t need makeup.

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But there are a lot of people on Instagram who don’t seem to agree and who have been attacking the actress in the comments of a fresh-faced, makeup-free selfie she posted on Wednesday.

“Current state: pre hair & makeup, about to get ready for my next press day in Paris, France for #disneysdescendants,” the actress captioned the shot, continuing with a heart emoji and writing, “Slept in my ‘I was into Minnesota before it was cool’ shirt cause I’m missing my man @mccarya. This is what I look like most days, y’all! Needed to balance out some of these glam travel shots with some real life stuff. Sometimes social media has a funny way of altering our perception of reality! Join me in posting a no makeup/no filter selfie and tag me in it so I can see your lovely natural faces! Loving you always, Xx.”

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Some followers were quick to outright insult Cameron’s looks.

“UGLY,” one commenter wrote. “You look better with makeup,” another said.

They must be trolling, because she looks great.

But a lot more commenters, many of them saying they’re Cameron’s fans, were crueler with their comments, claiming they couldn’t even recognize the star with her natural face.

One wrote, “U look like a totally different person lol.” Another added, “It doesn’t look like you in that pic.” Still another wrote, “Oml I never realized how different ppl look w and w out makeup (sic).”

We can only hope that Cameron has the confidence to know that while she may look different without makeup, she’s still absolutely gorgeous and she certainly isn’t even close to unrecognizable without it. The Internet can be such a cruel place, especially for young female stars.

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Do you agree with the commenters? Does Dove Cameron look so different without makeup that you don’t recognize her? Head down to the comments and let us know what you think.

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