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Jessa and Jill Duggar’s latest TV gig brings haters out in full force

You didn’t think the Duggars were gone from television for good, did you?

While TLC has pulled the plug on the entire family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, the network has decided it will air a “few” episodes of a special series featuring just two of the numerous Duggar children.

Jess (Duggar) Seewald and Jill (Duggar) Dillard will, according to the Associated Press, have “two or more” TV specials chronicling major changes in the two girls’ lives.

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“What we will be following in these specials is Jessa preparing for her first child and we’ll be watching Jill preparing to make a major move to Central America with her family, which we know is something our audience will be interested in.”

You will hardly have forgotten that TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting following Josh Duggar’s admission that he sexually molested five underage girls, including both Jessa and Jill, when he was a teenager.

Fans have been furious with the show being canceled and the television network has several times considered various spinoffs focusing on Jill and Jessa in order to appease the angry, mostly-online mob. But with the revelation of this new special series, there seems to be a different undertone to those weighing in online. Critics are taking to the Internet to share their thoughts and most of them are either hilariously mocking of the new series or showing disdain for the remaining Duggars who have seemingly gone missing since the Josh scandal broke.

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One commenter wrote, “Return of the Duggars? Praise be to Zeus on Olympus!” To which another person perfectly quipped, “By Odin’s raven, huzzah!”

Another commenter noted, “Why do we need [to] see Jessa prepare for a child? What benefit do we get from watching? What do we learn? Nothing!!!” This person continued, “These girls are more like the Kardashians than they wish to admit.”

Ouch. Harsh words and bitter pills, but you’ve got to admit, they make a pretty good point.

While there was a smattering of Duggar fans in the mix who seemed truly happy they would get to see the girls on TV again, the vast majority of the almost-600 comments seemed to be folks asking why this family is being put back on TV.

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