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Face Off‘s Kevon Ward reveals surprising connection to another contestant

It’s a secret that was never spilled on Face Off, but Kevon Ward says he didn’t go into the competition as a complete stranger from everybody else. What’s that all about? He explained all that and much more about his time on the show during our exclusive interview.

SheKnows: Unlike most other Face Off contestants, you don’t live in Los Angeles. Instead, you’re based in Colorado. Do you get to make monsters all day or do you have a different job that might surprise us?

Kevon Ward: My job is within my field. I work for 13th Floor Haunted House. I do a lot of set design and painting. I do special effects makeup during the season. I also use this space to advance my own personal projects. I do a lot of personal creatures and such.

SK: Are you the first person from that haunted house to land on the show?

KW: No. Michael Faust [Season 4] is affiliated with the company in the Texas location. But I also work with Evan Hedges at the 13th Floor [in Colorado], and we both got on at the same time.

SK: Wow! So you guys have known each other even before getting on Face Off?

KW: We’ve known each other since 2012. We worked together. In fact, I’m with him right now. We’re doing a makeup thing for the news.

SK: How did others at the haunted house react when both of you got on the show? Are you like the celebrities around town now?

KW: Everyone has been telling us for years we needed to go try out. When enough people tell you that, you start to take it seriously. We both went for it, and we both got it. Our employer is delighted that he’s got two Face Off contestants working for his company.

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SK: Let’s get to the makeup in which you were eliminated. You were very confident in your creation, so were you surprised when the judges weren’t so fond of it and sent you packing?

KW: Yeah. I was surprised. Truthfully, it was the only time I went into last looks not nervous. I thought I had a piece they would love. So, yeah, it was shocking. I would rather go home on a makeup I like than one that I’m ashamed of. So it all worked out.

SK: The critiques from the judges varied on your makeup. Ve said she liked different elements of the pestilence horseman character, but not when they were all compiled together. What are your thoughts on what the judges had to say?

KW: For bottom looks, they actually kept it very positive. They thought it was well-executed. They thought the technique was good. They thought it was gross, which is what I was going for. I think where I came up short was just being too abstract in concept. That’s what did me in, but I feel like the makeup represents my style a lot. Going out on something that I truly feel is me, and was done well, is not a bad thing.

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SK: You were ranked in the bottom two with Ben. How confident were you that he would be eliminated for his war makeup instead of you?

KW: Truthfully, I thought it was very likely I was going because Ben has performed so well throughout the season. Between him and I, I didn’t think it would be him to go. I thought they would pick me since I hadn’t stood out as much as Ben had.

SK: Were you a fan of Face Off before you auditioned to be on the show?

KW: I was, yeah. I’ve watched since Season 1. I stopped watching Season 3 because I got so busy. When I found out I was gonna be on the show, I had to go back and binge-watch all the seasons.

SK: What didn’t we get to know about you while watching the show?

KW: You generally saw most of me. You saw my highs. You saw my lows. I do a lot of puppetry, and I do stuff with animatronics. I never had the opportunity to utilize that.

SK: Anything else you’d like viewers to know?

KW: Keep watching. If you’ve got a dream, just go for it.

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