RHOC‘s Gretchen Rossi slams Tamra Judge as a ‘monster mom’

Gretchen Rossi has finally revealed the full extent of her hatred for Tamra Judge, and she is not holding back.

While the feud between the Real Housewives of Orange County costars in not new, Rossi took it to new heights in an interview with Radar Online — and, according to her, it all started with a super-mean tweet Judge posted about Rossi’s fiancé, Slade Smiley.

In a quickly deleted response to a fan, Judge reportedly wrote, “Oh plz. That f***er is a deadbeat with a sick son. Keep supporting him, it makes you look real good!”

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This supposedly happened in May 2014, but Rossi is still not about to forgive and forget.

“Tamra called Slade a deadbeat dad, which is completely untrue because he has a great relationship with his son,” Rossi told Radar Online. “What is funny about all of this is that now she is a monster mom!

“Her own daughter cannot stand her and does not want to see her anymore,” she continued. “This is a fact.” Judge’s oldest daughter, Sidney, is the subject of a bitter custody battle and has gone on record with the courts stating she does not want to live with her mother.

“Although there is a compassionate side that wants to feel bad for her, there is also a side of me that is like ‘you know what? Karma really is a bitch,'” Rossi said. “Tamra knew that what she was saying about Slade at the time was not true and that it was not right of her to do.”

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But Rossi’s ire against Judge goes back further than the deadbeat dad comment — she said Judge and Vicki Gunvalson were nasty to her when her former fiancé, Jeff Beitzel, was dying of cancer in 2009.

“The thing that I find the most crazy is that I was raked over the coals by Tamra and Vicki when one of my family members were sick. Lo and behold, now Vicki is in the same position that I was in!

“It doesn’t feel good to have people second guessing you like both Vicki and Tamra did to me at the time,” she added.

What does Judge have to say about all this? Her response is basically the RHOC version of “bless her heart.”

Sounds like Judge is trying to take the high road on this one.

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