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Kerry Washington had a scary fan experience (VIDEO)

Kerry Washington’s latest fan experience proves the actress had better watch her back for the unexpected selfie ambush.

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An overzealous female fan ran at the actress on Wednesday outside of the Good Morning America studio where Washington arrived for an appearance on the show ahead of the Scandal Season 5 premiere.

In the fan-caught video, Washington can be seen graciously greeting her fans on the street. The actress, wearing an adorable red dress, poses with fans who greet her to take selfies.

It’s then that a woman approaches out of the blue to snap a pic with Washington.

But the clearly startled actress handles the startling moment like a pro. A police officer was on hand to escort the phone-brandishing fan away and Washington went on her way, waving to the crowd.

“Whoa, what’s wrong with you?” someone can be heard yelling after the woman rushed Washington, which caused the actress to flee to her car.

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Check out the full video of Washington’s fan ambush experience below.

So far, the star has yet to comment on the incident, but we’re sure — from the looks of it — the fan just got too excited and didn’t mean any harm.

The actress was calm, cool and collected during her GMA interview, dishing on Fitz and Olivia’s relationship heading into the new season.

“They’re together,” Washington confirmed as anchor Robin Roberts chanted, “At last!”

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She added with a laugh that they’ll be doing “a lot of rolling around” in bed together in the upcoming season.

On a more serious note, Washington did note that now that Fitz and Olivia are together, it doesn’t mean the fairy tale has ended. It’s only just beginning.

Scandal Season 5 premieres tonight on ABC. Will you be watching?

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