Little Women: LA's Terra Jole dishes on how Briana is treating her friends

Sep 24, 2015 at 2:11 p.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

This has been one hell of a ride so far this season. Are you ready for the inside scoop?

Emotions are higher than ever between all of the barking Chihuahuas, aka little women. We need to come together and try to have fun again. A day at the horse races is out of our element and a way we can all experience something new together. Personally, my favorite part about the races is the obnoxiously gorgeous hats. The bigger the hat, the smaller my head looks. Bonus!

Tonya — aka my homie from another gnomie — and I get together to create a few extra needed derby hats for the sassholes we call friends. Is it a crime to love the women and not love the men? No! So what if I act #captainfake around Matt? The only thing we have in common is we both love the sound of our own voice.

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Tonya's workout video may have shown glimpses of a little-person sweatshop, but you're supposed to support your friends. Tonya put so much love and hard work into doing all she knew how to do when making this video. As a friend, the least Briana could have done was not show up at all so that Tonya could cut the footage of day one to day two. Briana's ability to keep friends is a lot like her singing voice — in need of serious help.

Terra Jole discusses friendships
Image: Lifetime

In a lighter and way more exciting part of this episode, I get to brag about dress shopping with the beautiful Elena. She has more fashion sense in her left butt cheek then I have in my entire body. When Elena asked me to be her matron of honor, I was flabbergasted. Me? I knew we loved each other, but this is such a big deal. Beyond Penelope being born and Joe and I getting married, this was the third-best experience of this crazy 2015. Not knowing if her family can make the wedding, I promise to make Elena feel like a queen on the perfect day she designs.

Off to the races! It's so nice to see that everyone could show up. Sadly, within the first 10 minutes of arriving at the races, Christy informed me that she's not pregnant. Medically, she's discovering her baby dreams may be on hold. Christy's own health is most important before caring for another little one, especially when your body is the one caring for the child-to-be. Prayers are with her.

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When Tonya confronted Briana about not being at the second day of her shoot, it turned into a rumor-fest, brought to you by Jasmine, a girl who states, "This fighting has got me crazy," but spreads the rumors with exaggeration and lies attached. Wake up, Jasmine, and stop reporting what you don't want thrown back at you.

Meanwhile, Briana thinks the world owes her and Matt an apology. I meant every word of my initial apology for my behavior to Briana, and she's thrown it away and rubbed Sociomatt's tushy with it. Our friendship will probably never be the same. The worst part is that it doesn't hurt me anymore. When it stops hurting, you've stopped caring.

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The emotions happening in my home life have become hard to share with the women. Separating catty drama from real-life drama is a challenge at times. Hands down, my home life is the most important part of my world. Penelope has changed my soul and given me the best title in the world: mother.