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ANTM‘s Courtney DuPerow dishes on spending her birthday alone

Being on America’s Next Top Model was such a dream come true for me. Coming from such a small town and being noticed just by my social media was amazing. I’ve only been modeling since December, and not professional modeling, but “tablet modeling.”

I’m all new to this, but am looking forward to improving. I have to. I want to change the world of modeling. I’m only 5’3-1/2,” and I think that’s a reason why my confidence was so up and down during the Cycle. Everyone else had modeling experience, and some were the “model height.” But enough of that. Let’s jump into the challenge. The challenge this week was intense because you had to make a Vine, which is only six seconds. I was so excited and confident about the photo shoot. My look was amazing. I wish I could have kept it. I was the second model to go, so watching all the models after me I was like, “Oh. We could do that?”

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I threw a birthday party for Devin because I felt like I misjudged him. I’m not used to staying in a house with so many people. My 21st birthday was right after I left for LA, so I was alone. I missed my family. I’ve never been away from them in my life. I had a lot of firsts in this competition including: my first plane ride, first time away from family, first runway, professional photo shoot and much, much more!

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Going from being bullied in school to being in this competition was beyond amazing. When I was bullied, it made me not take care of myself like I should have. But then my sibling, Emmanuel, was born at 1 pound, 10 ounces, and as I got older, it made me realize that life is not all bad for me. My mom was a single mom with six kids, and she needed my help. How could I help take care of my family if I couldn’t take care of myself? I’m so much more confident now, thanks to all of these life-changing events.

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America's Next Top Model Courtney Dolled up
Image: CW

When I was at panel and was eliminated, it was heartbreaking, but I know this is definitely not the end of my journey. Or the end of my modeling career. I am going to do everything I can to inspire the shorties out there. Not even just them, anyone who has insecurities or are not confident in their body. I want to inspire everyone to reach for your dreams and never stop reaching! I love my Top Model family and will never forget our journey together. This won’t be the last of me. You will see me again. I promise. #CourtneyANTM

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