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Jon Gosselin opens up about his ‘sad’ relationship with ex-wife, Kate

Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife, Kate, had a particularly nasty split that played out in the media. But now, eight years on, Jon says his life is really normal again.

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He has a new girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and a job that he loves, and it sounds like he really does not miss the drama of reality TV.

“Colleen and I are doing great, the kids are getting along well together, [and I’m] just living a normal life and DJing,” Gosselin told Us Weekly. “Maybe it’s boring, [but] it’s a breath of fresh air.”

Gosselin went on to describe his new life as “super normal,” adding that, “It’s almost like before [reality] television.”

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Gone are the days of paps hounding him, and Gosselin says there’s now “no one bothering me — it’s really nice actually.”

But fans of the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star are still wondering what the relationship between Gosselin and his ex-wife, Kate, is like —  and, apparently, it’s still strained.

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“It’s just sad almost,” he told the mag. “It’s been a long time.”

Although he didn’t elaborate on his comments, it’s not surprising that Kate and Jon are still not able to see eye to eye, but we’re glad they’ve both moved on with their lives.

Do you think Jon and Kate will ever be able to let bygones by bygones and become amicable toward each other? Or should they just keep their distance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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