Yet another one of our favorite celebrity couples has gotten divorced

The year 2015 has been a very bad one for celebrity marriages, and everywhere we look it seems there is a new couple who has decided to call it quits. The latest to join that very long list is Glenn Close and her husband, David Shaw.

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The couple enjoyed nine years of marriage together after exchanging vows in an intimate wedding in Maine in 2006, but on Wednesday, a source told the New York Post‘s Page Six that their marriage is over — and it has been for some time.

“Glenn and David have been telling friends over the summer they are divorcing, and he’ll remain living in Maine while Glenn moves back to New York full-time,” the source told the publication.

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And their decision is said to have been made amicably.

“They’ve been separated for some time, and things are amicable between them,” the source added.

A spokesperson for the actress confirmed the news, telling the publication, “They are divorced,” and that their marriage officially ended this summer.

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Shaw was Close’s third marriage, and it really seemed that this time she had found her happily-ever-after. But that said, Close has previously spoken about marriage during an interview with People magazine, where she said she felt “too many women define themselves in terms of a man” — and she’s not one of them.

She continued, “…I think of men and women as two different species. Katharine Hepburn said they should live next door and visit each other once in a while. Not a bad idea.”

At least (like with so many others) in this celeb split there doesn’t appear to be a nanny, or anyone else involved.

Celebrity divorces in 2015


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