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Sadie Robertson explains how denim saved her from a spanking

Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson really loves her jeans.

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The former reality star is the face of Wild Blue Denim’s holiday and spring ad campaigns and she’s modeled at New York Fashion Week, so obviously she’s a great person to be dishing out denim advice. But it turns out the reason she loves jeans so much is far from what you’d expect.

My denim disaster actually turned into me being very thankful for denim!” she told People magazine. “I had gotten in trouble one day when I was little for punching my brother, and my dad said when we get home I was going to get a spanking. I ran, and put on my denim dress so I wouldn’t feel it and it actually worked! I didn’t feel a thing so I had to fake cry. I started acting at a young age.”

It makes sense, though we can’t help but think her dad, Willie Robertson, isn’t pleased she decided to share that particular story.

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When she’s not embarrassing her folks, Robertson is working with Wild Blue, a company she said she supports because of its positive message for women.

“Their message is to encourage every girl to feel confident in who they are, and that’s a large part of my message that I share: to live original, meaning to be confident in the person you are created to be,” she said.

Robertson also has some unexpected advice about getting the perfect fit out of a pair of jeans.

“The way I stretch my jeans is kind of unique, I guess,” she said. “I lay out which pair I am going to wear the next day and stuff them with a pillow so they stretch. I don’t know if it actually works, but I have always done it.”

For someone who knows denim as well as Robertson apparently does — “My idea of perfect denim is comfortable, but fitting. I love high-waisted, wide-legged, and skinny jeans. I wear it all. I can’t lie, I’m a denim freak!” she said — maybe it’s good advice.

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Are you going to try out Sadie Robertson’s method of stretching out jeans? Give it a go and then head down to the comments and let us know if it works.

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