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Ali Landry’s in-laws’ brutal deaths may have been connected to a cartel

Ali Landry is mourning her husband’s closest relatives after they were murdered in an incredibly shocking way.

The Runaway Hearts star’s husband, film producer Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, has been left devastated by the news that his father and brother were victims of a brutal kidnapping and murder in Veracruz, Mexico.

According to The Latin Times, Juan Manuel Gómez Fernández and Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde were snatched while leaving their home. Their bodies were found 16 days later with severe head injuries.

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Kidnapping for ransom is not unheard of in the area and, according to Televisa news anchor Carlos Loret de Mola, a ransom was paid but the pair was killed anyway.

Monteverde’s brother was a partner at a restaurant in Tampico that allegedly had ties to a local drug cartel, but officials have not conclusively stated if there is a connection to the deaths.

Eduardo Verástegui, who produced the Monteverde-directed film Little Boy, sent his condolences via Twitter.

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“With a heart full of pain and sadness, I ask for prayers for my friend and ‘compadre’ Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and all his family,” his tweet reads. “My deepest condolences to my soul brother, I love you so much ‘compadre,’ I put my heart in your hands and I join you in this deep pain.”

Neither Landry nor Monteverde have yet commented on the brutal murders.

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