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DWTS’ Andy Grammer teases next week’s dance — and it’ll give you all the feels

Andy Grammer

Since I just dropped my new single “Good To Be Alive,” I’m still touring and doing shows throughout Dancing with the Stars. This meant that last week, we were running all over the country from York, Pennsylvania, to Boston, Massachusetts, and renting rehearsal spaces along the way. I’ve been working out my steps half-sleepwalking through airports, but we’re making it work.

One of my favorite performances from last night was Derek and Bindi. They had a really beautiful dance. It was one of the first times I felt the way a really incredible lyric or song can make you feel, but through dance.

Andy Grammer getting dressed
Image: Andy Grammer

As I reflect on the judge’s critique from last night, I am so far out of my element here I have to agree with everything they say. There is literally zero chance I did it perfect. I know it’s coming when I walk up to them.

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Not going to lie, this last week with two dances and two shows was not a normal workload. That is an unsustainable way of going about life ha, ha. Moving forward, it should be a little bit more reasonable, but it’s hard. I feel like my brain is being stretched right now.

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Something fans don’t get to see is all the stars pep-talking one another. I know it’s a competition, but we’re all so out of our element. There is definitely a camaraderie that we feel and while we want to win, there’s a lot of goodwill going around. Also, all the guys are talking down how many rhinestones are on their jackets.

Andy Grammer haircut
Image: Andy Grammer

To give you guys a teaser for next week, it can still change, but as of right now, I think we are doing a quickstep to the TV show theme song “Happy Days.” That’s the No. 1 show I watched as a kid on sick days from school. The Fonz was awesome. Looking forward to it!

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To keep motivated, I think there is a rhythm to accomplishing anything. Once you get used to that rhythm, the pain and struggle becomes familiar and reminds you that incredible things always come next.

Last night reminded me of why it’s #GoodToBeAlive, because:

  1. I finally got some freaking 8s from the judges — hallelujah!
  2. My bass player got to come see the show and my dancing world collided with my music world.
  3. Gary Busey wore a cape for his dance and it was amazing.
  4. My partner, Allison Holker’s husband (tWitch) and daughter got to come hang backstage while we did a dance about them. Aww… it was sweet.

Keep your votes coming for #TeamAndison!

#GoodToBeAlive is out now! Scoop it up on iTunes and let me see your #?stankyface.

Are you loving Andy Grammer’s blog and his new single? What is your favorite Andy Grammer song?

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