Law & Order: SVU stars reveal Season 17 could cover Josh Duggar scandals

There’s no doubt NBC’s Law & Order: SVU showcases a lot of disturbing and tough story lines. Now, the series, which is entering Season 17, might be taking on a more controversial plot line that might not sit well with some fans.

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According to E! News, Law & Order: SVU might include Josh Duggar’s scandals, including his alleged past abuse and the Ashley Madison revelations, in an episode. This piece of news came to light while chatting with some of the cast on set.

Per Raúl Esparza, who plays ADA Rafael Barba, said, “I’m sure they’re coming our way. I don’t think there’s any way the writers room will stay away from it, but who knows what form it’s going to take. It won’t be that exact…Ultimately, it’s got to stay fiction and got to stay engaging. We don’t want to recreate what you just lived through because — we’ll never live up to reality because reality’s getting really bizarre.”

As for SVU actor Peter Scanavino, who plays Det. Dominick Carisi, he hopes the Duggar scandal only spans one episode, if the show decides to go that route.

“With the Duggar one, it was like the double-whammy because it was his sisters and the fact — I mean, honestly, I feel like we’re dealing with some topics this season that feel a bit meatier than some lunatic fringe family…I wouldn’t mind doing one just because I have never been so infuriated with someone’s level of hypocrisy, and lying, and then displacement of responsibility onto something else,” he said. “When I think about that guy, it boils my blood, I will say.”

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Nothing official has been put into play, as of now, but there’s always a chance. As executive producer Julie Martin said, “Yes, it was a wonderful summer for the SVU writers room.” She added, “So yes, there is a lot to deal with…We’re always kind of rundown by the end of the season and then like it’s the annual miracle of story after story….”

Law and Order: SVU returns Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c on NBC.

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