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Maci Bookout’s Vegas holiday pic sparks a very interesting debate (PHOTO)

Teen Mom stars have gone on to enjoy success, thanks to the show, but when Maci Bookout shared a picture of herself enjoying some time by the pool during her Las Vegas, Nevada, holiday, she got some very surprising feedback.

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“Must be nice with that teen mom money ;)” one user wrote.

Bookout appears to be staying at the Sky Villa at The Palms hotel, and another Instagram commenter has slammed her for flaunting her glamorous lifestyle.

She wrote, “Not real cool with you flaunting this extravagant lifestyle… makes it look like teen pregnancy is glamerous. [sic]”

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And she’s not the only one who feels this way. Instagram user heatherrrlorraine shared her views on the comment, writing, “…I believe the point was that the only reason any of them such as Maci, Kail, Farrah etc even had the opportunities to write their books, do appearances and whatever else they do to make the money they have is ONLY because they got knocked up and were lucky enough to get picked by MTV which for some impressionable teenagers can make it look glamorous because If it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t be driving Mercedes and BMWs, renovating their houses and having vacations in Las Vegas @the Palms….”

She then went on to say that despite this, she feels that Bookout is “a great mom and and [sic] credit should be given where it’s due….”

But, of course, there are plenty who are on Bookout’s side.

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“she’s an adult now. With an adult job and adult money. I’m not sure why you think she should not posts [sic] pictures of fun and success. By that logic, any successful parent who was once a teen parent should not post pictures of fun or ‘glamorous’ things they do. It just doesn’t make sense,” user avilesfam5 wrote.

becsboo22 had a similar opinion, writing, “I just don’t get why women are hating on maci [sic] or any of the teen moms [sic] they were teen moms six years ago and have another one [sic] stop hating on them they are living their lives….”

It’s an interesting topic, and one that has two very different arguments. We’d love you to weigh in and let us know how you feel about it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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