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Rob Kardashian’s post of Karrueche Tran is creating unwanted drama (PHOTO)

On Tuesday, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to share a picture of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, along with an adorable caption, which has since been deleted.

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The caption read, “I like when she send me pictures,” followed by heart emojis, Us Weekly reports. The pic shows a simple close-up of Tran, but fans and critics of Kardashian are not impressed, and comments on the picture have ranged from confusion to just downright nasty.

“Why would you post this rob? Whhhyyyy,” a commenter wrote, and there are many others who shared similar sentiments.

Rob Kardashian's Instagram post causes unwanted attention
Image: Rob Kardashian/Instagram

What people clearly don’t realize is that Kardashian and Tran have been good friends since high school. Although, that hasn’t stopped critics from slamming the youngest Kardashian and claiming that he posted this pic as a ploy for attention.

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“Wtf. Comes out of hiding once he starts losing weight and now acts like he got something going with this girl. Another publicity stunt for their fake show. Give it up boy. Everyone sees you guys as fake liars. Go back under your rock or more like Khloe’s basement,” unknown3055s wrote.

Another Instagram commenter wrote, “What’s the point of posting this picture?! ?…. Attention seeking behavior!”

“Attention seeking. How we meant to know you went to school with her? We’ve never seen you two together or even at the same event. All you do is hide. Then upload a picture she sent you via text so what we supposed to think?” luxfashgoals agreed.

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But the comments attacking Tran are really vile, with critics accusing her of wanting stardom and trying to throw shade at Chris Brown — as if Brown would have any reason/right to be mad.

“Wow she surely really wants stardom and she knows dating Rob would shoot her status up. Anyone attached to the Kardashians automatically becomes a celebrity. She is going to use you rob [sic], trust me. Don’t even go there. This girl is very smart, she knows exactly what she is doing. She is been [sic] obsessed with the Kardashians for a while now,” user ms_philippine wrote.

“I think he’s just doing this to shade Chris brown cause Chris posted that funny vid of the yeezy season clothes dissing them which was pretty funny and real as f***,” user katyjflanagan27 wrote.

So much negativity — can’t we all just get along?

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