The Voice: Adam Levine finally beats out Blake Shelton for country singer

Sep 23, 2015 at 12:07 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

Blake Shelton may be the go-to guy for country singers on The Voice, but Adam Levine is looking to change that. Tonight, after a lot of begging, Levine managed to snag his first country contestant. Now the question is, did the latest and greatest addition to Team Adam make the right choice?

After a slightly rocky start, Team Blake has managed to acquire several excellent singers, many of whom have the predictable country roots fans have come to expect from Shelton's lineup. Conversely, Levine is struggling to grab the attention of the country contestants with whom he so badly wants to work. This begs the question: Why does Levine want country singers on his team? What's wrong with working within his area of expertise? Several fans of The Voice suspect that he simply wants to get on Shelton's nerves.

Adam beats Blake
Image: NBC

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If Levine's overarching goal was to annoy Shelton, he certainly succeeded; after repeated failures in the country genre, the pop star managed to score a country star for his surprisingly eclectic team. Initially, it didn't seem like James Dupré would opt for Levine, as he admitted that his first instinct was to choose Shelton for a coach. To Levine's relief, Dupré experienced a sudden change of heart.

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Unfortunately for Levine, his new contestant did not join Team Adam merely because he thought it was the best place to further his musical education. Rather, he made his final decision based on his kids' wishes. But Levine doesn't care too much about how he convinces the show's country stars to ditch Shelton, as long as he ends up with the season's best country crooner. With Dupré, he certainly has a good start. The talented singer caused quite the stir a few years ago when he was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He's faced his fair share of disappointment since that time, but Levine just might be the person to help him revive his music career.

James Dupre on The Voice
Image: NBC

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Although a few Twitter users are very happy for Levine and Dupré, others feel that the country singer has made a bad decision. Levine has his merits, but Shelton is better equipped to guide Dupré through the ins and outs of the country music world. The following Twitter users were especially upset about Dupré's decision.


Levine may not be as bad of a choice as some think; not only is he a great coach, he's the guy who Dupré's kids adore. As much as he wants to move forward with his career, it's great to see the singer doing something to show his kids that he cares.

Did James Dupré make the right choice? Will Adam Levine be a good country coach? Comment and share your opinion below.