Scream Queens: 7 Reasons the Red Devil is going to be as big as PLL's A

Sep 23, 2015 at 12:16 a.m. ET
Image: Fox

After much anticipation, Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens finally debuted with a two-hour premiere, which produced a lot of gasps, laughs and screams. As many expected, the episodes did not disappoint and now TV fanatics have something to be excited about every week. You know what else viewers have to look forward to with Scream Queens? The fact that it's somewhat similar to ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

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Actually, the big, bad college campus serial killer, who is dubbed the Red Devil, is definitely channeling his/her inner A. Those who dedicated their lives to PLL and the mystery of A (myself included), you're probably picking up what I'm throwing down. I have a feeling the Red Devil is going to suck in all those A groupies and make them go just as crazy — or even crazier — with theories and clues. Basically, the Red Devil is going to be as big as A and here are seven reasons proving just that.

1. The big bad wears a crazy costume


Just like A, Red Coat and Black Veil, the Red Devil dons a creepy red devil costume (which is also apparently the mascot of the college?). Whenever there is a masked killer, the mystery is much greater and usually keeps viewers coming back for more — you know, because they need to know who's behind the mask.

2. Viewers already equate the killer with PLL


Twitter is already blowing up with "the Red Devil is A" theory. So, if PLL fans are already saying Scream Queens reminds them of A, well, then the Red Devil will surely be the biggest villain of the 2015 fall season.

3. Theories have already started


Who is the Red Devil? Who is the mysterious baby at the beginning? Are the Red Devil and the mysterious baby the same person? Is the baby one of the students on campus? So. Many. Theories.

4. There are a ton of clues


For example, the fact that Grace's father (played by Oliver Hudson) loves mixed tapes is already a huge clue making fans think he's involved somehow. Basically, he's already being labeled as the Red Devil.

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5. Everyone is a suspect


Is it Pete? No, it's totally Hester. Wait, nope, I bet it's Dean Munsch. Yep, I knew Nick Jonas' character Boone was going to be involved somehow. See? The Red Devil is making fans think everyone is bad.

6. No one is safe = lots of dead bodies


The Red Devil, similar to A, likes to leave a ton of dead bodies. In those two episodes alone, how many dead bodies appeared (with one coming back to life)? He/she sure is making a name for themselves and isn't afraid to kill.

7. There's a bigger mystery at hand


The Red Devil is killing for a reason, just like A wreaked havoc on Rosewood and the Liars. Whatever that reason is remains unknown, but it's definitely going to keep viewers tuning in.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/7c on Fox.

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