Total Divas' Nattie is jealous of her husband's bromance

Sep 22, 2015 at 11:33 p.m. ET
Image: E!

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are very close, to the point that Natalya is starting to feel like a third wheel. It's natural for the Total Divas star to want to spend time with her husband, but her worrying about her hubby's friendship is starting to get a bit excessive.

Natalya is evidently the jealous type — and not just when it comes to other women. The Total Divas star is not happy about her husband's friendship with Cesaro. In Nattie's opinion, the two are just a little too close for comfort. But is she really being left out? Or is she too controlling?

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During tonight's episode of Total Divas, Nattie couldn't stop talking about T.J. and Cesaro. Her worrying was way over the top; while the wrestlers are obviously pals, the mere thought of Cesaro becoming a homewrecker is ridiculous.

Nattie and Cesaro
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Eventually, Paige (who was tired of Nattie complaining about her hubby's bromance) decided to push Nattie's buttons and talk a little smack. She suggested that, perhaps, T.J. and Cesaro could be gay. This comment was obviously made in jest, but Nattie got all bent out of shape. She told Paige to mind her own business, but that's a bit tough to do when Nattie is busy broadcasting the dirty details of her husband's bromance.

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Paige thinks Nattie needs to stop worrying so much about her husband's friendship and, clearly, she's not the only one. Several Twitter users chimed in, claiming that there was nothing wrong with T.J. spending time with his best bud.


Ultimately, Nattie was able to acknowledge that perhaps she went a bit too far with her criticism of the T.J.-Cesaro bromance. Earlier rumors on social media had indicated that T.J. might be gay and, after her brief spat with Paige, Nattie realized that she might have prompted some of those rumors with her constant bashing of her husband's friendship. She ultimately decided that it would be best to let her husband have his fun.

Tyson Kidd bromance
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All's well that ends well, right? Maybe not, because based on the preview for next week's episode, there will be more drama with Nattie and T.J. This time, it looks like the problems will be prompted by the severe injury the wrestler sustained during a match with Samoa Joe. If anything can make Nattie realize that a bromance is not a big deal, it's a life-threatening situation.

Do you think Natalya needs to back off and let her husband have fun? Or should Tyson Kidd pay a little more attention to his wife? Comment and share your opinion below.