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Miley Cyrus says her music career is worthless

Is Miley Cyrus eyeing a career change?

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The 22-year-old singer and her brother, Braison Cyrus, have been working in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest to raise awareness for wolf culling and grizzly bear hunting — and the work seems to have Cyrus questioning her own purpose.

British Columbia’s wolf culling is already controversial. The practice is aimed at protecting caribou, an endangered species preyed upon by wolves. But conservationists question whether culling upsets the area’s natural ecosystem, and Cyrus is the latest to criticize the practice.

When I first spoke out, I knew in my heart that the wolf cull was wrong,” Cyrus said on the website for Pacific Wild, a nonprofit she’s working with in British Columbia. “But after this visit, I know science is on my side, not just on the wolf cull, but also on the trophy hunt issue. Both are unsustainable and both are horrific. Both have to end.”

What’s more, Cyrus said her time in the wild made her realize that her music career isn’t such a big deal.

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“… you start thinking, ‘OK, what I do is really unimportant,'” she said. “But if I didn’t do those things, I wouldn’t have the voice that I have to be the megaphone for what these amazing people have researched for so long and can teach me.”

She continued, “I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I’m not a biologist and I’m a pop star. That’s ridiculous.’ But that’s given me such a platform.”

Cyrus started speaking out against wolf culling earlier this month, when she urged her Instagram followers to sign a petition against the practice. Pamela Anderson has also spoken out against wolf culling in British Columbia, her home province.

British Columbia premier Christy Clark has addressed the criticism from both stars, saying, “We’re trying to defend an endangered species and population of caribou that will go utterly extinct in British Columbia if we don’t do this. I just hope that they really work a little to understand the issue.”

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Do you agree with Cyrus? Should wolf culling be stopped? Head down to the comments and tell us what you think.

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