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Why Face Off viewers are excited about the end of the world (PHOTOS)

What does the end of the world look like? The eight remaining Face Off contestants were forced to show us in this week’s challenge, with each making one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: war, death, famine and pestilence.

It was a Face Off challenge concept viewers on Twitter were thrilled about.

Their excitement was valid, too, as the finished makeups were among the best we’ve seen all season long. Below you will find a complete breakdown of where each contestant ranked, including the winner and victim of elimination.

Finished looks in the middle of the pack

These were the makeups deemed “safe” by the judges.

Meg: Pestilence

Meg Wilbur's pestilence makeup
Image: Syfy

Jordan: War

Jordan Patton's war makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

Stevie: Famine

Stevie Calabrese's famine makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

Scott: Death

Scott Fensterer's death makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

This was my favorite makeup in this challenge because it’s so haunting. I’m surprised the judges didn’t choose this as a top look. I wasn’t alone in that feeling, either, as some on Twitter expressed their love of Scott’s work.

Best of the best

These makeups were labeled as the “top looks” of the challenge.

Evan: Death

Evan Hedges' death makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

“The graphic design is what makes it so interesting,” judge Neville Page gushed. “Great sculpting. Great paint.”

For this work, the judges picked him as the overall challenge winner.

Nora: Famine

Nora Hewitt's famine makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

“I really love the coloring you put on the chest,” judge Ve Neill said. “I know it’s supposed to complement the face, and that’s difficult to do because you’ve got rubber and you’ve got skin. I think you did a pretty good job of it. I love the barbed wire around the mouth. I just love what you’ve done.”

At risk for elimination

These makeups were labeled as the “bottom looks” of the challenge.

Ben: War

Ben Ploughman's war makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

“My makeup looks embarrassing,” Ben said as his model walked on the Reveal Stage. “It’s a total turd out there compared to everybody else’s.” He even acknowledged his disappointment to the judges by saying, “This was just one bad decision after another.”

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The judges agreed it wasn’t his best work. Glenn Hetrick said it “lacks passion and it lacks clarity.” Page added that “there’s nothing unique about it.”

The good news for Ben? His makeup wasn’t deemed the worst. That award went to…

Kevon: Pestilence

Kevon Ward's pestilence makeup in 4 horsemen challenge
Image: Syfy

“I am proud of this makeup,” Kevon said before presenting his work to the panel. “I just think it looks really obscure and gross. I’m hoping the judges like it as much as I do.”

Sadly for him, they didn’t.

“There is a line where things become so obtuse that they no longer feel like a workable concept,” Hetrick said.

Neill had the best critique of all. “If Sloth from The Goonies and the Fly had a baby, it would probably look just like this guy. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for. Probably in another challenge this would’ve been a cool-looking thing, but I think for this it’s a little off-kilter… each little thing independent of each other was kind of cool. But you put it all together and it just becomes a big mess.”

For those reasons, Kevon was sent packing.

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Face Off slideshow

Do you think Kevon deserved to be eliminated for his work in this challenge? Which was your favorite here? Who do you think is most deserving of winning the competition? Give us your thoughts and weigh in!

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