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Kim Richards’ latest injury isn’t helping her addiction recovery (PHOTO)

Kim Richards has a gnarly injury — and it could put her recovery from pain pill addiction at risk.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been spotted limping about with a major bandage on her foot, including at her birthday dinner with her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, and it sounds like it really hurt!

“Kim was leaving the hotel where she was staying at night and she was walking out through a really big heavy door. The person in front of her didn’t hold it and it came flying back and swung and smashed into her toes. It split the skin between two of the toes,” a source told Radar Online.

The incident resulted in 20 stitches.

“She could have lost her toe,” the source said. “The good news is that it could have been a lot worse but she will have full recovery of her foot. She had the stitches out just a few days ago and her foot is healing well.”

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Regardless, it is still a very painful injury and we have to wonder if the reality star has been tempted to turn back to pain pills to get her through.

“This really hurt. If she had been taking pain pills it would not hurt so much,” the source acknowledged. “She wishes she was taking pain pills because this has been very painful. But she is focused on her sobriety so she isn’t.”

Great news there, at least.

And as it turns out, this is the mysterious foot injury that her lawyers said precluded her from performing any kind of physical community service in her plea deal for public intoxication charges.

“Kim has to use crutches most of the time. She didn’t for her birthday but she just walked really slowly and she can’t wear heels. She couldn’t do anything physical for community service,” the source said.

Unfortunately for Richards, the judge didn’t buy it. In addition to three years summary probation and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, she was sentenced to 30 days community labor.

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