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Kendall Jenner allegedly enforces 3 strict rules on all potential suitors

If you were thinking of heading out to California to try to land Kendall Jenner and steal her away from her rumored man, Orlando Bloom, you might want to check this out before you buy that one-way ticket.

According to OK! magazine, Jenner has some pretty strict — and hilarious — rules for her potential leading men. First of all, they must “submit photos of what they want to wear for approval” before they meet up for a date. Understandable; she is a high-fashion model so she wants her men to look good, too. But, I have to wonder if she would approve of her men wearing sweatpants. After all, if she didn’t, she might be excluding Kanye’s fashion line.

Also, according to the magazine’s insider, she “doesn’t like to give much of herself when it comes to conversation over a dinner date.”

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So, unless you can hold a conversation up by yourself, it’s going to be a difficult date.

You are also allegedly not allowed to “touch her, her drink or her food.”

So dreams of Lady and the Tramp moments just went up in smoke.

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And to top off the list of dating rules from hell, you wouldn’t even be able to vent to your guy friends about it afterwards. According to the source, “They have to sign a confidentiality agreement and be pre-checked and patted down by security before they go anywhere near her.”

If a pat down by a security guard doesn’t say young love, I just don’t know what does.

If these rumors are true, it sounds like it would be an absolute nightmare to even try to date Jenner. But on the other hand, with as high a profile as she and her family have, can you really blame her?

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What do you think about Jenner’s strict “rules” for dating: too much or understandable?

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