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5 Things we know about The Voice‘s first front-runner, Jordan Smith

Several very promising contestants auditioned during last night’s episode of The Voice, but Jordan Smith’s performance was by far the most entertaining. Here are just a few of the things we’ve learned about the Harlan, Kentucky, singer since he knocked our socks off with his Sia cover.

1. He’s a small-town guy

Small-town singers tend to do well on The Voice, as they effortlessly connect with fans from similar backgrounds. Smith hails from Harlan, Kentucky, so he has plenty of small-town appeal. After Pharrell asked for his life story, Smith explained that a common joke in his hometown is that nobody ever leaves Harlan alive. Somehow, the singer managed to escape, and that’s a good thing — his audition was by far the most memorable of this season’s premiere.

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2. He’s used to being mistaken for a woman

Smith’s feminine voice may have set him apart from the crowd on The Voice, but in the real world, it’s been a bit of an inconvenience. The contestant admitted that he was used to people thinking he was a woman while talking with him on the phone or at the drive-thru.

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3. He has remarkable stage presence

It’s not uncommon for otherwise talented singers to stumble a bit when the judges turn their big red chairs. After all, being on a show like The Voice is a bit of a learning curve — and nerves are to be expected. But Smith never faltered, even after witnessing the judges’ excitement. As Adam Levine pointed out, he actually got better every time a judge turned around. Throughout the entire performance, Smith was the epitome of cool and collected. If he can put on this good a show at the beginning of the season, he’s bound to be a superstar by the time the finale arrives.

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4. He is already a front-runner

One or two front-runners always emerge during the audition round on The Voice, and more often than not, these impressive contestants make it all the way to the finale. Given Levine’s assertion that Smith is “the most important person to ever be on this show,” things are definitely looking good for the talented singer. All Smith needs to do to remain in the competition is be himself.

5. He’s a social media sensation

Smith immediately attracted the attention of The Voice‘s fans on Twitter, with many echoing Levine’s sentiments about him being the show’s most important contestant to date. The following are just a few of the many positive tweets about Smith’s amazing audition.

More spectacular auditions are on the way — check out The Voice tonight at 8/7c to see if any other front-runners emerge.

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