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Bella Thorne throws Twitter tantrum after airplane crash

Bella Thorne was stranded at the airport for 14 hours on Saturday and was not happy about it at all.

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The actress went on a heated Twitter rant after the plane she was on was in a minor accident prior to takeoff, causing all passengers to be evacuated from the plane.

Bella Thorne was traveling with fellow stars Bella Hadid and Gregg Sulkin, departing out of JFK, with their Virgin Airline plane clipped its wing on a fence.

The airline released a statement explaining, “The VS26 departing from JFK to London Heathrow today returned to the gate after a miscalculation by the tug caused minor damage to one of its wing tips. All customers have disembarked the aircraft and our teams are working hard to get our customers on their way as soon as possible. Safety is our number-one priority and we would like to apologize for the delay and any inconvenience caused.”

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But Thorne didn’t think that justified the 14-hour delay in their flight.

To which Virgin had a prompt and professional response.

Luckily, the young stars seemed to find some much-needed relaxation.

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And they ended up transferring to a Delta flight and reaching London safely, if not a little tired.

We’re just happy everyone arrived safe and sound. And just in time for the Topshop fashion show.

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