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Duggars take advantage of their large family to get free food (PHOTOS)

The Duggars dressed like pirates and pillaged from their local Krispy Kreme on Saturday.

And when we say pillaged, we aren’t joking.

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The family walked away with 14 dozen free doughnuts after dressing up and talking like pirates in honor of the company’s Talk Like a Pirate day.

In the Duggars’ defense, Krispy Kreme probably knew what they were getting themselves into when they announced the promotion, but it still seems ridiculous that the family would need to take all those doughnuts. Aside from their poor children’s stomachs, it also doesn’t seem to teach very good lessons about moderation.

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The Duggars also didn’t keep all the doughnuts. They gave a dozen to a family in need.

Of course, that still leaves about 11 doughnuts per Duggar child.

Plus, it’s Jill and Derick Dillard, who are supposed to be in Central America doing missionary work. Right? So why are they in the States again, pillaging free doughnuts?

There is already enough controversy around the couple’s frequent trips back and forth during their missionary work. Did they really need to add doughnut drama into the mix?

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Hopefully my sarcasm is shining through here at least a little. Because, while the Duggar doughnut raid of 2015 is still worth noting because of the family’s clear need to stuff their faces, it’s also hard not to laugh.

I’m sure the family just meant it all in good fun. But maybe next year they will find it in their hearts to have a giving spirit that’s worth more than a box of doughnuts.

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