RHONJ's Teresa Aprea sounds off on nasty marriage rumors

Sep 22, 2015 at 1:20 p.m. ET
Image: Bravo

Divorce rumors are part of the territory when you're a Real Housewives star, and with good reason — Bravo marriages don't seem to last all that long. But despite the many rumors surrounding Teresa Aprea's supposedly struggling marriage, the reality star insists that she and Rino are just fine.

What's the deal with Rino and Teresa Aprea? Recent tabloid reports indicate that Rino has been flirting with other women as of late, and recent social media posts suggest that Teresa recently ditched her husband for an extended getaway. Could there be trouble in paradise? According to Teresa, the answer is a definite no. In the latest Girls in Heels podcast, the reality star explained that, while her marriage is certainly not perfect, she and her hubby are definitely not headed for a split.

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The initial rumors about the Aprea household began when Rino was spotted getting friendly with another woman. While this sparked concern among several RHONJ fans, it turns out that Teresa's husband is simply incapable talking to others without taking on a slightly flirtatious vibe. That's simply how he converses, so if flirtatious behavior is indicative of an affair, Rino has been a very busy guy. Teresa is well aware of her husband's communication style and she is not at all concerned about the alleged potential for infidelity.

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In addition to chatting about the latest tabloid rumors, Teresa also addressed a few of her recent social media posts, in which her husband was notably absent. She admitted that it was a bit of a "touchy situation" but not as big a deal as others might think. According to Teresa "couples are not perfect." The reality star claimed that her husband had been "getting on [her] nerves." As such, she decided that it would be best to leave him at home and relax with the rest of her family. She feels that the getaway did her a world of good.

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Teresa is more than willing to chat about her marriage, but she hates when others make up stories. Thus, she is not happy about the recent allegations surrounding her husband — particularly the stories suggesting that Rino got down and dirty with his mother-in-law. According to Teresa, this is nothing short of hysterical, as her mom is "the most godly woman you could come across."

It's unfortunate that Teresa and Rino Aprea are constantly forced to deal with false rumors, but it's good to know that there is nothing wrong with their marriage. Listen to Teresa's Girls in Heels podcast to learn more about her life behind the scenes.

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