Nikki Bella reveals huge plans in store for Brie's growing family

Sep 22, 2015 at 12:50 p.m. ET
Image: Abel Fermin/

Brie Bella wants a baby so badly that she's already acting like she's pregnant.

According to Nikki Bella, there's a pretty good chance we'll see a "Bella bump" happening in 2016.

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In an interview with E! News, Nikki explained, "[Brie] already takes prenatal vitamins, and she literally talks about it every day. I'm like, 'We get it! You want to be a mom!"

She added, "I feel like in 2016, there's probably going to be a Bella bump."

Fans of Total Divas won't be surprised that Brie has babies on the brain.

During this past season of the show, Brie had already discussed her desire to have children with her husband and fellow WWE star, Bryan Danielson. The couple even showed their visit to a fertility clinic during one episode.

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Back in July, Brie opened up to Digital Spy about her desire to start a family.

"That's what's actually great about this season. You'll get to see the reasons why Nikki and I do go back and forth on re-signing. I'm gonna be 32, I'm married to this amazing man and I have crazy baby fever. I so badly want to become a mother. The hard part is my career is that I can't do both. With Nikki too, I think people sometimes don't realize how much we're on the road. There's no time off, there's no vacations and you miss your family."

She added that she has started, "craving the simple life," but, at the time, she was going back and forth on whether or not she really was ready for it.

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If Nikki is correct, it sounds like she definitely has decided that she is. As for what that means for her WWE Divas career remains to be seen.