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Even Jessa Duggar’s workout picture has sparked a backlash (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar is nearing the end of her pregnancy, but she’s not sitting with her feet up, getting waited on hand and foot. Nope, she’s working out with her husband, Ben Seewald.

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Jessa took to Instagram on Monday to post a series of pictures of herself and Seewald working out together. The picture shows Jessa lifting some pretty big weights and Seewald about to bench his own weights. She captioned the snap, “Gym time with my man!”

But which Duggar has ever posted a picture without creating a dispute? And, of course, people were quick to react to her post.

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“Bahahhahahahahahah this is weird like everything about this post is weird,” one user wrote.

But other fans are concerned that Jessa is lifting such heavy-looking iron dumbbells because they believe it may pose a risk to her pregnancy.

“Careful mama. Nothing over 10lbs!”, earfseyenz wrote. Another commenter shared similar sentiments, writing, “Are you supposed to work out like that while pregnant..?”

The Duggars are controversial stars, and Jessa’s posts usually cause quite a bit of dispute. But this time it has sparked a divide among her fans as they attack one another over whether it is OK to lift weights while pregnant.

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“Everyone is a doctor… Just like everyone is a lawyer or a clergyman. Good grief people. Get a life. I’m sure Jessa is following orders when it comes to keeping her and the baby healthy,” one commenter wrote about the fights in the comments section.

User court.romano also weighed in, writing, “90% of the comments on here are so ignorant i [sic] think I’ve become more stupid from reading them. i’d [sic] be surprised if jessa even wastes her time reading these. way to go jessa – you look fabulous.”

When it comes to the Duggars, everyone just really cannot get along.

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