Fans react to Tori Spelling’s recent Instagram picture with sadness (PHOTO)

We all love our furry friends, and they are a part of the family, so imagine the anguish you would feel if one of them went missing. Well, unfortunately for Tori Spelling, that nightmare has become a reality.

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The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to Instagram last week to share a picture of her adorable pet pooch, Mitzi, along with a heartbreaking caption about how she is missing. The little long-haired terrier mix disappeared from Calabasas, California, a week ago, and although she has a collar on, it apparently has the wrong information.

Spelling has made an urgent appeal to spread the word, and fans have reacted.

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Instagram user sheilarrawlings wrote, “Praying she’s safe and home!? Lots of love to you all sweet family!!!!!”

Other commenters also shared their messages of support and well-wishes, including, “Awww.. Please let us know if you do find her. Praying it happens soon!”, “That’s sad! So many coyotes in that area! Good luck!”, “Really hope you find her! I couldn’t cope if this happened to my baby!”, and “Hoping your sweet fur baby returns safetly! [sic]”

While the majority of commenters feel for Spelling, there are also people who are mad at her for having the wrong information on her dog’s collar.

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“Come on how could this possibly happen?????? How could you have wrong info on her collar? Totally irresponsible. What a terrible sad shame. I will pray because I REALLY feel sad for the dog. Get your head out from the clouds & WAKE UP,” one user wrote.

Other critics agreed. “Why didn’t you update the info on the collar?”, user tiffluvsandrew wrote. Another commenter wrote, “If you knew she had the wrong info why didn’t you update it! Smh! Hope you find her!”

Sure, Spelling should have updated her pet’s info, but she is clearly devastated. Here’s hoping that little Mitzi is found safe and well. We’re thinking of you, Tori.