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Farrah Abraham’s mom defends her daughter’s terrible Big Brother behavior

Farrah Abraham has exactly one supporter left after being kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house: her mom.

The Teen Mom star left the house in disgrace after threatening to spit on and kill all of her housemates, but her mother says Abraham played the game exactly how producers wanted her to — and now she is being punished for it.

She changed the whole show,” Debra Danielsen told OK! magazine. “People tune into a show because they want to see entertainment, they want to see intelligence, they want to see drama and I think Farrah brought all that to the table.”

During her tenure, Abraham threatened her costars’ lives, saying, “I am straight up going to kill everyone in this house.” But Danielsen said her daughter didn’t mean it literally.

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“She’s not going to hurt any human,” she explained. “She thinks the Celebrity Big Brother house needed to end and that the house was a bad idea.”

She also defended Abraham telling housemate Natasha Hamilton she was going to spit on her — causing Hamilton to call her “vile” — saying, “When people are lying or they’re full of bullshit she calls it right out.”

And at the end of the day, Danielsen said, Abraham was just doing what the producers asked of her: playing the villain.

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“She’s got more followers and more viewing for the show than anybody else on there,” she said. “She’s done everything the producers have wanted.”

She might have a point, if this tweet from Abraham is accurate.

Abraham was booed by the show’s fans when she left the house.

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