RHOC‘s Heather Dubrow attacked for freaking out about her house

Heather Dubrow is still worrying about her house, but now her obsession could be harming her marriage. RHOC fans think that the reality star needs to calm down and stop worrying so much about every detail of her future home.

In the midst of all the Brooks Ayers cancer drama, Dubrow has actually sometimes seemed like a voice of reason, but that all changed during tonight’s episode of RHOC, when she decided to once again discuss her home’s renovation with her husband. Dubrow is nearly as obsessed with her fancy home as Meghan Edmonds is with Ayers’ cancer diagnosis; both of the reality stars’ obsessions make them increasingly unlikable.

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Dubrow’s latest house drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County began innocently enough, with the reality star chatting with her husband briefly about her big plans for a window with a tree etching. Dubrow figured she’d collaborate with her mother on the design. But things didn’t exactly go as planned, because when she showed her hubby an initial sketch, he balked. It was immediately obvious that Terry Dubrow was not a fan of his mother-in-law’s design. Not a big deal, right? Everybody has preferences and spouses aren’t always going to have the same taste. But instead of moving on, Dubrow got super bent out of shape about the whole affair.

Terry Dubrow and his house
Image: Bravo

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According to Dubrow, it’s really important for her husband to immediately fall in love with the tree sketch or, at minimum, do a great job of pretending that he adores it. He’s not allowed to hold an opinion about the house if it’s even a tiny bit different than her own. Yes, he could have been a little bit more considerate when delivering his opinion about the tree, but Dubrow’s response was certainly not ideal.

Heather Dubrow freaks out about house
Image: Bravo

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The argument eventually devolved into a discussion of how hard Dubrow has worked on the house. But Twitter users don’t agree that the reality star is hard at work, unless this concept translates to signing a lot of checks. They also feel that Dubrow’s whining exemplifies #RichPeopleProblems.

Although her husband was, perhaps, a bit condescending, Dubrow needs to grow some thicker skin and realize that she’s not going to get her way with every single decision surrounding the new house. After all, she’s not the only person who is going to live there!

What did you think of Heather and Terry Dubrow’s argument on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Are you alarmed by this glimpse into married life for the Dubrows? Comment and share your opinion below!