The Big Bang Theory ruins fans’ dreams with ridiculous wedding drama

We had such hope for the Big Bang Theory wedding. All we wanted was a happily every after for Penny and Leonard and some sort of hope for Sheldon and Amy. Instead, we were presented with disappointment and a touch of sexism.

Honestly, guys! For a show about uber-smart scientists and strong, smart women, tonight’s The Big Bang Theory was a massive letdown and full of stereotypical female tropes. Let’s just examine it, shall we?

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Last season, they focused almost entirely on Leonard’s admittance of kissing a girl while he was on his expedition. Penny agreed the past was the past and moved on, agreeing to marry him. In the first half of tonight’s premiere, we saw Leonard and Penny finally tie the knot and, for a few short minutes, it was glorious. Penny looked absolutely precious in her soft pink dress. It was everything fans have been waiting for, but it quickly faded once Leonard carried her over the threshold and into their hotel room.

In television’s stereotypical way, Penny was stuck playing the unforgiving woman. She couldn’t move past Leonard’s kiss, despite previously saying otherwise. Newsflash, showrunners and character development teams: Women are not only capable of saying they forgive their men, but they are also able to actually do so. Sure, there are times when we all hold grudges. But we wouldn’t be stupid enough to get married if we were still not ready to let go of someone’s past transgressions.

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And don’t think we didn’t notice that “let’s make a baby” plot from Leonard. While we appreciate the fact that it didn’t work, we’re not ready to let go of the fact that they wrote in that sad distraction in the first place.

Sadly for TBBT fans, however, Penny and Leonard’s post-wedding drama wasn’t even the worst part of the night. No. That went to the show’s treatment of Amy. In last season’s finale, we were so proud of Amy and her decision to break it off with Sheldon. As much as we love them together, we don’t love seeing Amy deprived of her basic human desire for intimacy and we applauded the show’s attempt at showing a woman taking major steps to find happiness without a man.

That went to hell during the premiere, however, when Amy showed up at Bernadette and Howie’s house for some sympathy. Stuart is still living at the house, where he’d previously lived with Howard’s mother. He’s so sad and pathetic, it’s hard not to feel sorry for him. However, as Amy mourned her breakup, Stuart quickly put the moves on her. Seriously? Over and over again, we’ve watched showrunners treat Amy as something pathetic or “less than” the other girls. Now was her chance to break away from her unhappiness and the first thing they do is have the most pathetic male on the show hit on her, as if that’s all she’s capable of getting. We love the idea of Amy being single and happy. We’d be more stoked to see the show treat her as the gorgeous, smart girl she is and give her a worthy, if only temporary, mate. To really drive home Stuart’s sad desire to have a woman, any woman, they soon had him become creepily interested in news that Penny was home alone. If he were entirely hooked on Amy, we’d be OK with it, even if it is just Stuart. Watching him go after any living creature lessened Amy’s specialness all for the sake of a cheap laugh. Not cool.

Can The Big Bang Theory redeem itself this season? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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