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Heroes Reborn premiere: Is Claire Bennet really dead?

It’s been five years since Heroes aired and, after much anticipation, Heroes Reborn finally debuted Thursday with a two-hour premiere on NBC. I’m sure many original fans of the series are trying to digest the new heroes, the new powers, the new villains and the return of familiar faces. Among that, some might even be questioning one major story line: the supposed death of Claire Bennet.

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In August, it was confirmed by showrunner Tim Kring at the 2015 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that original Heroes character Claire Bennet would be dead at the start of Heroes Reborn. The news came as a shock to some fans, especially since throughout Heroes Claire was known for being indestructible and not being able to die. How did this happen? Well, that question and Claire’s alleged death are going to be a driving force of this series and, specifically, for her father, Noah Bennet.

With that said, as goes with most shows, fans might be skeptical of Claire’s death. Is she really dead? A lot of details remain unknown, but I’m sure as the show goes on, viewers will learn alongside Noah. He, too, is trying to figure out what happened to his Claire Bear.

As the premiere revealed, among all of the Evos, Molly Walker and Claire Bennet’s locations were “unknown.” Molly’s whereabouts were answered, but as for Claire, can she not be tracked because she is dead? Wouldn’t her status be set as “terminated” or “deceased”? Whatever the case, that’s just one detail contributing to my theory that Claire isn’t really dead — in addition to the fact that a body has yet to be shown. Is a character really dead unless there is a body? Maybe I’m not convinced because I’m hoping she’s alive. She was one of my favorite characters on Heroes, especially because she was a smart, strong, confident and independent young woman.

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Also, as fans probably recall, Claire and Noah’s father-daughter relationship was one of the most important relationships throughout Heroes. For Heroes Reborn to begin with Claire’s death, it’s disheartening. Not to mention, Noah revealed that he and Claire hadn’t spoken since she came out and showcased her powers on television for the world to see, which is how Season 4 ended. They didn’t even get to say goodbye, or so it seems. Really? This is how this beloved relationship is going to end? Even though it’s been five years since Noah and Claire have been seen on TV, I feel like fans are owed a lot more.

With that said, if Claire is truly dead (there is good chance due to Hayden Panettiere starring on ABC’s Nashville), part of me understands why she’s been killed. Like on Heroes, she is once again the driving force of the series and will propel Noah’s mission, not to mention one of the overall plots. Plus, this series is about new heroes and focusing on original characters. To revolve around Claire, again, doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t be a fresh or new series.

With that said, until I see a body I’m not convinced and refuse to accept Claire’s death. I’m not the only one who’s skeptical, either.

Do you think or hope Claire is still alive? Is it a coincidence the show is titled Heroes Reborn? Just maybe Claire will be “reborn” and become a prominent character soon enough.

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Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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