Jinger Duggar is reportedly courting: Is she considering marriage? (PHOTOS)

Jinger Duggar is dropping some pretty heavy clues that she is courting another familiar reality TV face — and fans are speculating about a wedding.

Jinger, the one sister many have held out hope would break away from the confines of her strict Christian family, has been spotted in several photos with family friend and fellow reality star William “Lawson” Bates — leading some to speculate that their friendship has a purpose.

In one photo from cousin Amy Duggar’s wedding, Jinger can be seen on the far right standing next to Bates, and they are awfully close. That is definite Christian side-hug territory.

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She also popped up on Bates’ Twitter feed last week, photobombing a pic of him with another pal.

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One fan just came right out and asked what the heck is going on between the two.

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Hmmm. We were kind of hoping that Jinger’s love of photography and coffee would lead her to a brooding future in a New York art school, but it doesn’t seem to be going that way.

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