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5 Show predictions for Offspring Season 6

Following the life-altering news that Offspring Season 6 is officially on the cards for 2016, I was one of millions of Australian women who began celebrating.

Fans have been excitedly messaging each other with plot speculation and sharing memes on Facebook in celebration of this momentous news.

That said, I have noticed an immediate trend emerge: People seem nervous.

I can understand why — after all, season 6 ended so perfectly.

Nina seemed to finally, finally have it together. Everything was going well at work, baby Zoe was thriving and she had settled into the beginning of a new relationship with loveable Leo.

Darcy and Geraldine were back exactly where they belonged — in each other’s arms — while Mick and Billie were also reunited. Even Jimmy and Zara appeared to be taking giant steps forwards towards responsibility and adulthood, with Zara deciding to study to become a paediatrician.

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Some of the main creative brains behind Offspring, including cocreator Debra Oswald and writer Micheal Lucas, have confirmed they won’t be coming back for Season 6, believing that everything that needed to be said had been covered already.

As a mega-fan of the series, I have to disagree. I’m beyond excited to reunite with Nina and discover what comes next.

Surely, after everything Nina and the rest of the Proudman family have been through, Season 6 of Offspring is going to deliver some fun and quirky story lines to counteract some of the tragedy and devastation we’d previously suffered through.

Billie’s miscarriage and fertility woes, Jimmy’s son almost dying, our beloved Patrick’s tragic death, further tales of infidelity, betrayal and heartbreak. They were all incredible story lines, but I’m more than ready for some positive story lines to balance the scales.

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Here are some story lines we’d love to see in Offspring Season 6.

1. Nina and Leo get married

Nina Offspring season 6
Image: Channel Ten

We’re expecting that some time will have passed by the time the new season picks up, which is long enough for Nina and Leo to have fallen madly for each other and declare their undying love. They’re both as awkward, indecisive and chaotic as each other — can you imagine how much fun it will be to see them trying to navigate life as a married couple?

2. Chris Havel returns to the hospital

Maybe not in a full-time role; maybe he just dips in as a visiting consultant. Either way, it would be great fun to watch him create havoc for Nina as she reconciles working alongside her long-lost love and her new husband.

3. Mick and Billie get their happily ever after

Offspring season 6 Billie Mick
Image: Channel Ten

C’mon, guys, let’s give these two a baby already! I don’t care how it happens — miraculous conception, surrogacy, adoption, fostering — however you can make it work, we just want to see Billie and Mick with some much-wanted offspring of their own.

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4. Zoe gets a baby brother or sister (or both)

Leo would make the most adorable dad. We’ve go no doubts that he will embrace little Zoe and raise her as his own, but we’d also love to see him and Nina produce a little mini-me all of their own making.

5. We find out what happened to Hot Lawrence

Lawrence Offspring season 6
Image: Channel Ten

Billie left poor, gorgeous counsellor Lawrence high and dry when she left him to reunite with her soul mate, Mick. We’re thrilled Billie is back with Mick (her chemistry with Lawrence was never quite right anyway), but I don’t think I’m the only one who is keen to see what Lawrence is up to now.

What would you like to see happen in the new season of Offspring?

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