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Susan Sarandon morbidly predicts Pope Francis will be assassinated in America

The Catholic Church finally has a pope that Susan Sarandon can stand behind, but can he stay alive long enough to make a real difference?

The actress and political activist has gotten into hot water in the past for speaking out against former Pope Benedict XVI, whom she referred to as a Nazi, but she adores the much more liberal Pope Francis — and she has a dire prediction for the man.

Sarandon is afraid the pope, who visits New York City this week, will be murdered because of his progressive views.

“I think they’re going to assassinate him,” she told the New York Daily News. “I think he’s done some major, major cleansing of the whole system.

“I love this pope,” Sarandon said. “He’s humble… he doesn’t live in the palatial whatever. I think he’s a pope of the people.”

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Someone she does not love is Donald Trump, but she does have an interesting take on his strange political popularity.

“I think people are really starved for something authentic and even though he has no idea specifically what he’s talking about. He speaks to the guy who wishes he could say, ‘Everything’s a mess, we’re tired of the machine, we’re tired of politics as usual…’ I think it’s great that the Republicans have to figure out how to deal with him, it’s interesting.”

Look for Sarandon to costar with Nick Nolte in the upcoming Epix comedy Graves.

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