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Kylie Jenner accused of using Caitlyn to sneak around with Tyga

Kylie Jenner is too cool for the Kardashian siblings these days. Kourtney spent an entire episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians trying to track down her little sister, only to learn that she’s been hanging out with Caitlyn. But not all KUWTK fans find Kylie’s explanation convincing.

When the initial previews for I Am Cait were released, viewers assumed that Kylie would be less than supportive. She initially had a tough time with the transition, but she later decided to follow Kim’s lead and offer Caitlyn her full support. But while Kylie is now all in favor of Caitlyn’s transformation, she might not be quite as chummy with her parent as she wanted Kourtney to think during last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kylie and Caitlyn
Image: E!

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Kourtney and her sisters were understandably concerned when Kylie all but booted them out of her life, so the eldest of the Kardashian gals decided to track down her little sister. When she finally was able to snag a little face-to-face time with Kylie, Kourtney learned that the young reality star was spending all of her spare time with Caitlyn — or at least, that’s what she claimed. According to Kylie, it was better to just keep quiet whenever she visited Cait, as talking too much about these excursions could be a recipe for disaster — especially in light of Kris’ response to Caitlyn’s transition.

Kylie and Tyga
Image: E!

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Kylie’s explanation makes sense, but she might not be telling the full story. Caitlyn has been very, very busy since her Vanity Fair feature, and it seems hard to believe that she would have managed to fit hours and hours of Kylie time in among all of her awards show appearances and other commitments. According to several Twitter users, the more likely explanation for Kylie’s sudden absence is that she was sneaking around with Tyga.

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At the time of filming, Kylie was still very reluctant to talk about her relationship with the rapper, in part because it was criticized so heavily. Perhaps, she wasn’t so much worried about what Kris would think of her dates with Caitlyn, but rather, how her mom would respond to her latest romance. If this is the case, it sure wasn’t nice of her to use Caitlyn as a cover. Hopefully, this speculation is inaccurate, and Kylie really has been palling around with Caitlyn.

What do you think? Was Kylie Jenner’s extended hiatus from her family prompted by her relationship with Tyga? Comment and share your opinion below!

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