Caroline Manzo changes mind about Vito Scalia after living with him

Sep 21, 2015 at 12:31 a.m. ET
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Caroline Manzo has been busy hating on Albie's girlfriend, but really, she should be worrying more about whether Lauren is with the right guy. Based on tonight's episode of Manzo'd With Children, the answer could be a resounding no. Unfortunately, Lauren and Vito have since married, so they will have to work through their different attitudes about housekeeping responsibilities.

Lauren may be a huge bridezilla, but her partner in crime isn't perfect, either. Tonight on Manzo'd With Children, fans were offered a closer look at what Lauren's future life with Vito may look like. Vito joined the Manzo household, and while this change in living situation wasn't quite as big of a disaster as the show's fans anticipated, it was accompanied by a few very awkward moments.

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The awkwardness between Vito and the Manzo family began when he demanded that Lauren fold his shirts exactly as he sees fit. Until he moved into the Manzo home, Vito had his mom take care of the folding. Now, it's expected that Lauren will do it — and that she'll abide by Vito's very picky standards. This means folding all shirts with a bright blue "tool," which is used to ensure that the collar is completely straight.

Lauren Manzo folding
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There's nothing wrong with wanting to have nicely folded clothes, but if Vito is so picky about it, why can't he do the folding himself? He already enjoys the priviledge of living with his in-laws, so the least he can do is fold his own clothing. Instead, he demands that Lauren do it, insisting that "it's expected." Fortunately, Lauren is a natural, so at least she won't have to listen to endless criticism regarding her folding performance.

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Caroline understandably found the folding business with Vito concerning. Vito's mother thought that any woman would feel honored to be charged with the task of folding his clothes, but Caroline worried that, by caving in for this particular demand, Lauren would ultimately allow her husband to "screw around" with her.

Vito and Lauren
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Although not exactly happy with the entitled attitude Lauren has put on display these last few episodes, Twitter users also took issue with Vito's behavior. They made this especially clear in the following tweets:


There was one other mildly concerning mishap involving Vito, but this one, fortunately, was easier to resolve. He seemed to think that drinking straight out of the carton was perfectly OK, while his bride-to-be and mother-in-law disagreed. Caroline came up with an excellent solution: Mark all cartons Vito wants to use with a special sticker. He can thus continue his carton-drinking habit without completely grossing out everybody else. Hopefully, Lauren will be just as creative in coming up with simple solutions that keep the peace — and hopefully, Vito will loosen up on his old-fashioned ideas about running a household.

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