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Sister Wives: Kody may have ulterior motives for adopting Robyn’s children

Season 6 of Sister Wives is only two episodes old, but the repercussions of Meri and Kody’s divorce and his legal marriage to Robyn have the full attention of fans.

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This week, Robyn and Kody are moving ahead with the plan for Kody to adopt Robyn’s kids. But can he actually do it? It’s not clear that Robyn’s ex-husband, the father of her children, has given up his parental rights. Robyn claims that her ex is an absentee father, which did not go over well on Twitter. Viewers reacted with venom, especially after Kody expressed frustration at having so many kids around when it came time to travel to son Hunter’s wrestling match.

Image: TLC

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So what is Kody’s desire to adopt Robyn’s kids about, if we don’t know that they’ve been written off by their biological father? One thing is for sure: His obsession with making both his marriage and adoption legal isn’t helping clear him of accusations that he’s favoring Robyn. On Twitter, fans are certain that Robyn and Kody are orchestrating the whole mess, and they’re already tired of watching it.

It’s definitely possible that there’s more going on in regard to Robyn’s ex and her kids than we’re seeing, but it’s still uncomfortable to watch this play out to the likely detriment of Kody’s relationships with the other wives and his children. Let’s hope that it’s not the only thing we see this season — and also that Kody can make his actual intentions, benevolent or not, transparent.

Kody and millions of children
Image: TLC

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What do you think Kody’s motivations are? Is this all part of a scheme? Is Robyn really his favorite? Do you miss seeing more of Christine and Janelle?

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