Giuliana Rancic bashed at the Emmys for something other than her looks (PHOTOS)

It’s no secret that the internet can be supercritical of Giuliana Rancic, but just as it seemed like the Twitter tide had finally turned in her favor, Rancic upset tonight’s Emmy awards red carpet audiences with her totally out-of-touch interview questions.

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Giuliana Rancic started her red carpet coverage out strong, wowing fans and critics alike with her stunning dress choice. Many commented that the fashion journalist looked healthier than ever.

Quite a few commentators remarked that Rancic looked gorgeous, making it seem like audiences were actually with her for a change!

Unfortunately, Rancic soon drew fire for her insistence on asking nearly every actress walking the Emmys red carpet the much-loathed “Who are you wearing” question, making her seem completely out of touch.

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With the recent (and popular) push from audiences to #AskHerMore, Rancic’s focus on fashion left many frustrated.

Of course, we can’t blame it all on Rancic. The woman is a fashion journalist, so it makes sense that she’s going to be especially interested in red carpet designers. Also, E! is itself a network totally obsessed with dissecting how celebrities dress day to day, let alone on fancy awards nights. Of course they’re going to want Rancic to draw attention to what people are wearing.


She wasn’t really asking the gents about their outfits, and that’s kind of the whole point behind #AskHerMore, isn’t it?

Which is why we were pretty excited to see Smart Girls drawing attention to #AskHerMore and inviting audiences to participate in the conversation.

What did you think? Was Rancic way off base or just doing her job?

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