2015 Emmy Awards: 11 Celebs dying of heatstroke on the red carpet

Sep 20, 2015 at 7:23 p.m. ET
Image: Judy Eddy/WENN

If you live in Los Angeles or are watching E!'s live red carpet broadcast from the 2015 Emmys, you probably realize at this point that it's hotter than two goats in a pepper patch out there.

Celebs are riding the struggle bus down the red carpet as they desperately try to wick away sweat and keep their mascara from running down their perfectly made-up faces.

"I'm going to die from a freaking heatstroke," Jonathan Banks from Better Call Saul said as he made his way down the blazing red carpet.

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Even the ever-professional Ryan Seacrest seems a bit grumpy as he is attempting to #AskHerMore in the pre-show interviews. In this case, "ask her more" seems to be "how do you feel about this sweltering heat?"

Here's a look at some of TV's best and brightest who are attempting, and failing, to keep cool.

1. Mario Lopez


We just hope he's staying hydrated.

2. Nick Sandow


The Orange Is the New Black star wrote "Perfect day for red carpet and a tux!" on his Instagram in reference to the 97-degree Los Angeles heat, but at least he came prepared for the elements with a couple frosty ones.

3. Evan Peters


Black on black was a bad choice, but the American Horror Story actor still looks hot — in more ways than one.

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4., 5. and 6. John Bradley-West, Alfie Allen and Conleth Hill


The Game of Thrones guys were looking a little damp, yet dapper, on the way to the show.

7. Olivia Culpo


She said she thought she was going to faint from the heat, but she still looks flawless.

8. Matt LeBlanc


"I'd rather be in a pool," LeBlanc said in a red carpet interview, echoing the sentiments of pretty much everyone there.

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9. Anthony Anderson


The Blackish star has a ton of fans, but at the 2015 Emmys, he only needed one.

10. Liev Schreiber


The Ray Donovan star was a trooper but let his feelings be known.

11. Ryan Seacrest


Like we said, Seacrest was melting like a sugar lump in the heat. So sweet of Amy Schumer to lend him a helping hand.

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